Food Safety Legislation in the UK

It is a legal requirement for all food businesses to have hand washing facilities. Hand washing facilities must be for hand washing only and have adequate access for staff to wash their hands. The hand wash sinks must have hot and cold running water, soap and drying facilities. It is also recommended, although not a legal requirement, to have separate food and equipment sinks with hot and cold running water.


UK food legislation includes:

The food safety act 1990

The food hygiene, England, regulations 2006

EC 852/2004 regulation on the hygiene of foodstuffs

Since 2004 the Food Safety Act has become more concentrated on food quality rather than food safety.

If any of the laws of broken, an individual or business can be prosecuted. Food safety is covered under criminal law which involves being prosecuted in either a Magistrate or Crown court. The Magistrate court deals with less serious offences, termed summary offences, whilst the Crown Court deals with more serious offences, termed indictable offences.

Penalties in the Crown Court include an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years. The penalties in a Magistrate court are £20,000 fine and/or six months imprisonment.

The enforcement officers who oversee the legislation are called Environmental Health Practitioners.


  • provide food safety advice, and inspect food premises
  • enforce legislation covering food
  • can enter and inspect premises at any reasonable time of the day or night and can be accompanied by the uniformed police
  • can investigate outbreaks of foodborne disease, food poisoning and other possible offences
  • can instruct that food be destroyed if it is considered unsafe to eat
  • can issue improvement and prohibition notices
  • can take food businesses to court for breaking food safety laws
  • can initiate prosecution by gathering evidence.

If a company is prosecuted they can provide a due diligence defence. This means that the business can prove that they took all reasonable precautions to prevent contamination and food poisoning. This due diligence defence is achieved with the use of written records. The written records are called the Food Safety Management System, which is a collection of records, procedures and all information regarding running the food business safely. The information includes some of the following:

  • training records
  • suppliers audits
  • pest control documentation
  • cleaning schedules
  • temperature records
  • maintenance contracts

Twenty Reasons Why Food Trucks Are Hot Right Now

From Los Angeles to New York, street food is springing up everywhere. Projections suggest that by 2020 food trucks will be a billion dollar industry. Since 2009 the food truck business has grown 80%. Food trucks are here to stay and here’s 20 reasons why this trend is so hot.

20. Changing Perceptions

Gone are the days when mobile kitchens were called “Roach Coaches”. People understand that street food businesses are held to the same (sometimes higher) safety and sanitation standards of any restaurant.

19. Value

Lunch wagons give an inexpensive meal for the budget conscious foodie. Traditionally, street food is less expensive than conventional dining options.

18. Social Media

Chuck wagon operators are masters of digital communication and they use it to drive sales. Their tweets, blogs, Pinterest entries and Facebook pages are constantly evolving marketing platforms that the public has embraced.

17. Lower Overhead

Mobile kitchens have a cheaper operating cost than brick and mortar restaurants. With no rent to pay or buildings to support, food trucks can run a lean and lucrative operation cheaper than their traditional dining competitors.

16. Lower Startup Cost

To open a fixed location restaurant requires two to three times the amount of capital than it does to start a food truck. Realistically an entrepreneur with 75 thousand dollars could have an operating food truck business.

15. Location, Location, Location

The mobility of a chow wagon gives the owner the freedom to change his site daily, even every few hours if he so chooses. That pizza shop that you go to can’t drive their building to fairs, festivals and events.

14. Cooperation

Lunch wagon operators are a tight-knit community that work together so that everyone benefits from each others business. One food truck parked on the street may go unnoticed by a hungry lunch crowd. Four food trucks on a corner creates a scene.

Success in a Food Cart Franchise Business

Everyone wants to have a business that may somehow help paying their bills. Even me, I want to have even a small business to have an extra income to pay my bills. And as I did my research on what business is good for me as a beginner, I found out that most people nowadays are going for food cart franchise business.

Like any other business, you need to be business-minded and be patient while handling a business. However, in food cart franchising, it is much easier and cheaper business to start of. Beginners like me can handle a business like food cart business in Philippines, because the franchiser give support and trainings for the franchisee to help them manage the business. Even though it is easy to manage business, there is still a key to success that you need to know.

Successful businessmen know how make their business successful, not only in single business but in multiple business. I read a book entitled “Think and Grow Rich” and one story in the book catches my attention. The story about one of the top successful restaurant in the world, the McDonald restaurant. At the beginning of their business, they know that there are better burger or chicken than theirs. But what surprised them is why people love to eat in their restaurant? They found out that the “perfect location” is the key to their successful business. Yes! One of the co-owner is a real state businessman and he knows where to put their business and attract customers easily, which makes their restaurant more popular.

Now you know how successful business today became more popular to people. You need to consider the location on where to put your business. It is better for the cart franchise to place it in shopping malls, near the schools or in the train or bus terminal. Those places attract more customer and a nice opportunity or you to make your food cart popular.

Food Businesses Should Have Hot Food Display

People in the food service industry know the importance of quality and presentation of the food they serve on their menus. Clients love to smell the aroma of delicious food, so it is also important to show them that you only serve the freshest and ‘hot-of-the-stove’ dishes all the time. This is true for cafeteria and buffet restaurant owners because these are some of the reasons why their patrons come back regularly.

Cafes, delis, and specialty food stops attract a lot of customers because of the way they present their food. A lot of people still look for home-cooked meals that are hot and fresh each day. And almost anybody can tell if the food has been recycled or cooked twice to make it look appetizing the following day. This will certainly tarnish anyone’s reputation in the food industry if you’re serving nothing but unpleasant dishes.

For larger establishments such as restaurants and hotels, the need to show-off their specialty cuisine is not just for the aesthetics. For hotels, it is a must to keep their hot food displays filled with delicious dishes – from appetizers to entrées, to desserts and pastries. Since people from different places check in and dine in, hotel restaurateurs and chefs take the extra effort to plan and cook only the best dishes to please their guests.

I’ve you’ve been in one of the largest buffet restaurants in the worlds, you will see a long line of cold and hot food displays with plenty of dishes to choose from. International dishes served in a buffet restaurant are not uncommon these days, and you’ll see lots of patrons lining up the dining areas as well. It is in the way the food is presented and served that makes each dish more delectable to buffet-lovers.

Seeing a display of food steaming hot is always a winner for a lot of foodies out there. If you appreciate the presentation, you will surely love the freshness of anything that’s served to you. This is also an essential factor among catering services because such can make or break their business. Caterers invest on hot food trays, burners, and serving bowls made of high-grade stainless steel to meet the industry’s strict standards.

Nothing beats a delicious, hot meal. But top it off with great presentation that speaks of quality and freshness, and surely you’ll get another star for overall excellence. If purchasing is not an option, you can always rent or rent-to-own a hot food display for your café, restaurant, or catering business.

Importance of Background Checks For Your Food Business

Whether you have a café, a restaurant, a food store, or a bakeshop, when it comes to food, you just can never be too careful. Food is a daily necessity of people and most people rely on food businesses for this specific need. And because the wrong kinds of food can pose hazards to people’s health, a food business is a sensitive and delicate business that only people with expertise on food should handle.

But it is not enough that only the business owner has sufficient knowledge and skills regarding this area. The employees especially those who will work at the kitchen should also be adept in food handling and preparation to ensure that your food business does not only serve mouthwatering food but also those that are safe and clean.

Because resume falsifications have become more rampant these days, it has become a necessity for food businesses to conduct background checks on their employees. For instance, if you have a restaurant and you are looking for a chef, it is possible that you would encounter applicants who will claim to have graduated from reputable culinary schools or have work experience in major restaurants. A background check will help you validate the information stated in the resume because it investigates an applicant’s educational background and employment history.

Aside from hiring a qualified and excellent chef, you also need to have a staff of food servers that will give your customers an efficient service with a smile. It is easy to pretend to be pleasant and friendly during the interviews but an employee background check that will supply valuable information about a person’s background will make you know his or her real character and personality.

For one, you will be able to get hold of any criminal records that an applicant may have. An applicant who had been involved in cases of violence, sexual abuse, fraud, theft, embezzlement and such surely does not have any room in your restaurant. Moreover, medical records and drug testing records you can obtain from the background check will also inform you if the employee is physically and mentally healthy to work for your company.

Imagine these following scenarios, which can possibly happen if you fail to conduct a background check on your applicants:

1. Your chef, whom you did not know uses drugs, spits on the food he cooks. Disgusting, isn’t it? But this is possible because drugs can alter the perception and behavior of people, making them do things that you cannot imagine doing.

2. Your mentally unstable waiter bursts into a temper fit when a customer asks to make some changes in the food he ordered. This event can instantly drive customers away from your food business.

3. One of your food servers, who happened to have been involved in cases of sexual abuse, makes a move on a customer. The offended customer leaves and never returns to your restaurant. Worse, she tells everyone about the incident.